Global Employees. Filmed in 12 countries, this recruitment film highlights the passions of a diverse workforce.

What Makes Us Genzyme. A “culture” film, featuring employees and leadership.

Portfolio - Harvard Business School

Distractions in the Workplace. We have created many training videos, similar to this film, for Harvard Business School.

Portfolio - Rockport

Seven to 7. Highlighting a new collection of shoes, this series of videos combines 3D product rotation shots and graphics with on-location interviews and B-Roll.

Portfolio - National Grid

Value of Energy. This film is one of over 100 internal and external communications films we’ve made for National Grid.

Portfolio - Waters

Cosmetics Industry. A brand film that shows how our client is supplying key equipment to support the global cosmetics industry.

Living with SMA. A powerful video profiling a patient family, to accompany FDA approval of a new ground-breaking therapy.

Expression of Hope. Inspiring stories of rare disease patients, told through art.  One of four films filmed in Europe and the United Kingdom.

All in For CF. One of many films we’ve created for Vertex highlighting the inspiring patients and advocates in the cystic fibrosis community.

Sea 2 Shore. Part of a series of films, documenting one of New England’s largest undersea cable installations. Highlighting the link between off-shore wind and the mainland electric grid.

Portfolio - Ecast Production Reel

Ecast Production Reel. Our updated reel highlighting clips from some of our most memorable projects.

Portfolio - Connecticut College

College Reunion. Filmed at Connecticut College’s annual alumni reunion, this film captures the emotion and nostalgia of the celebration.